Nisei Veterans Memorial Center, guided by the values of Japanese-American veterans of World War II and inspired by their valor, will perpetuate the legacy of these Nisei veterans by nurturing the community's youth, supporting care and respect for the community's elderly and promoting an understanding about the history, values and culture of Japanese-American soldiers which contributed to their heroic military accomplishments as well as their continued contributions to the community and nation.

Welcome to the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center

The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center is a living memorial. The campus is built on a six-acre lot upon which an intergenerational facility for a preschool and adult care center for the community’s elderly is housed and financially supported by the NVMC.


November 4th to December 6, 2013

NVMC to Present Brian Y. Sato’s “Gokurosama” photo exhibition

The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center will be presenting Honolulu photographer, Brian Y. Sato’s “Gokurosama Hawaii Nikkei Nisei” exhibition from November 4th to December 6, 2013, in the campus’ Education Building. The exhibit consists of over 50 black and white photographs of Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) from across the state.

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<< Akira “Jockey” Ishikawa

News & Events

Stanley Izumigawa unveils the plaque with the 101 names of Maui soldiers who were killed in action in Europe during World War II.
Photo: Melanie Agrabante.

On April 13, 2013, nearly three decades cades after the NVMC idea was born, the Education Center was blessed and opened, witnessed by about 100 invited guests and event organizers.

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Actualized care for seniors and preschoolers has been facilitated by NVMC by providing and financially supporting the physical venue for a day care center for the community's elderly and a preschool for young children.

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The NVMC is repository for Nisei Veteran’s archives, objects, photos, and library. For the last 20 years, the Maui Sons & Daughters have been collecting memorabilia, oral histories, photos, books, etc. of the Nisei story on Maui.

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About Us

Memorial centers are typically filled with marble and statuary. Ours is different. It is a living memorial that reflects the sentiment of many of our veterans: once you experience war - and death - you have a deeper appreciation of life.

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